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Too much sleep...

X-po badges came today! XD It seems that everyone who bought the four day pass has that bunny and cat picture. Yay! I got it too, n I like it >XD 8

My tag name is "Mianah the Onigiri" and then my real name under it lol XD Ann is something with Negi-Hime I think. I only opened mine, but I checked against the sun light for the pictures of the other badges and they're all the same =D Since we still have to line up on that day, which I must say, destroy the whole purpose of PRE-registration, I wonder if they'll give us another badge...

Nah, our names and stuff is on it so I doubt it. But still, the LINE! OMG!! T^T

Anywayz, had a long nap (from 6-8:30) so I'm pretty awake right now 8C K Should sleep soon though, since final's tomorrow...but how can I sleep when I had so much sleep already? 8C 8

Three more days! Just three more days and I'll be free!! For one and a half months! And then an even more hellish schoolyear will begin! >8D 8



>8D X

Minh/Mianah >8D 8

Sorry but more junk lol

WOW! Shocker! (kinda) X-po schedule is up and I'm checking it out and I see that CLAMP's panel is use in Hall C Ballroom A-E, the biggest room. It's right after the opening ceremonies. Guess it's understandable since it's their first time in US, and they have a lot of fans, so x-po is reserving a TWO HOURS panel for them in the biggest room at the convention XD Gyahahaha, I find this funny somehow. I'm glad, that means more people will be occupie so easier chance to get freebies and shop around! XD YAY for CLAMP coming to x-po indeed! XD (though for different reason lol) Cuz if I remember accurately, the Exihibit Hall is open soon after the Opening Ceremony on the first day = 3 Hehehe...YAY! XD


Oh noes! XD Romi Paku's panel is only half an hour! Plus, it's at one p.m. on the first day, which might collide with the opening fo the exihibit hall >_< Badddd....

Why is it that expo schedule this year doesn't seem that interesting? =\ Ah well I guess. I want Romi Paku's autograph! *.* b !!! >XD 8 Maybe I can skip the panel if she doesn't give out autographs then, which is likely, and I'll get it at the Guest of Honor Free 4 All Autograph session on the morning of the last day XD

Edit 2:

Exihibit Hall is taking up TWO halls this year! OMG! That's a freaken lot of walking!! XD It's Hall A and B this year. WAHHHH!!! My feet are gonna die XDDD

Edit 3:

I think x-po is missing three four Guests of Honor as of this moment lol XD There's three four free space that said GoH but not who! XD GYAHAAHAH! Let is be Yui Horie! XD Or Seki Tomokazu! C'mon!!! Or or even better...Tomokazu Sugita! (Hideki from Chobits, Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Mayama from Hachitmitsu to Clover!) >XC 8 *prays*



Hmm...now I have to think. CooRie is coming to x-po XD Apparently, Yozuca is joined with Rino, the vocalist for CooRie, who sang the opening for Zettai Shonen and Midori no Hibi. I'm not really a fan but I wouldn't mind seeing her perform....Hmm...should I go? = \ T^T

Ahhh....we'll see, I doubt I will but never the less! What a shame! XD


Now I remember!

Oh I remember now! One of the things I wanted to type down was that I read ES yesterday: Eternal Sabbath. It's from the same author of Mars, the 15 volume shoujo manga, not Marchen Awaken Romance XD

It was mind boggling!! Damn, Fuyumi Soryo stuff is so psychological XD Just like Mars, it mess with your mind. I remember when I read Mars, I thought it was so addicting and crazy. Somehow, it made me more aware of the possiblity of how screw up society really can be, and how unique each human is.

But with ES, it's really interesting. It mainly deals with the human brain, which says a lot already don't you think? XD There's a guy who can "enter" -so to say- human's mind and alter it however he wants. Then there's a female researcher on human brain and she's pretty weird herself. Yeah, you can kind of assume where this is going, though I really wonder how it's gonna end.

It's so crazy! XD I had to go and find something light-hearted to read after reading ES. One thing though, the character looks exactly the same LOL One of the guys in ES looks really similar to that psychotic kid, what's his name, in MARS; the one with short hair XD Darn I can't remember his name right now, but anyawyz, look alikes! XD

ES art is really good. Just kick Mars's art one tiny knot up and you get ES. I love her sense of subtle humor. It's funny and really adorable XD She used abstract ideas to express emotions and it's awesome XD It's very unique and can be a bit scary for me, but nevertheless very interesting and additing 8 D

I'm surprised when I asked Jennifer Tso if she wanted to read it and she said "no", cuz she doesn't like the art (whatt?!) and it didn't sound that interesting (we went to Borders to read yesterday instead of seeing An Inconvenient Truth for AP Environ. Sci. XD ) I love her art, it's beautiful XD But I notice that her female characters, the main one, don't seem to have boobs = þ I thought that was kinda funny and cool, cuz that means she breaks away from the typical big boobs shoujo leads. Yay for Fuyumi Soryu-san! XD

Ahhh...but yeah, definitely buying ES. There's 8 volume of it, so it should takes at least a year or more to finish. It's from Del Rey so it's a dollar more than the usual manga cost = \ But it'll be worth it XD

My head hurts now, so latez! XD And yes, if you like Mars before (and if you love it like I do), definitely go read ES for more mind boggling stuff >XD 8


Random quiz, cuz I'm bore in a sense lol

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Ahahah, too bad the quiz wasn't that good XD

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LOL!!! Omg, Lee!! XD GYAHAH! Go Lee; aka mini Gai! XD

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LOL Must be a Lee day XD

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Yay Haku!! XD

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Ok, enough of that. Off to shower. Latez lol XD




For those who do not know, she did the voice for Edward in Full Metal Alchemist, Hitsugaya from Bleach, Nana (Osaki?) in NANA, Temari in Naruto, and Natsume from Gakuen Alice and more!! XD

AHHH!! SOOOO going to her panel!! XD I will try my BEST to get her autograph!! XD YAYAYAYAYAY!! Well...hopefully the panel won't be too crowded @_@ Must make up for not being able to get Tomokazu Seki's autograph from last year! XD Plus, I like her voice anywayz and c'mon...HITSUGAYA!! XD And Natsume! XD

YAY!! is all I can say!! XD WAHH!!

Anywayz, WOOT!! XD Finally, one of guests that I am looking forward to for xpo. YAY!! XD



It's 1 in zhe morning....

Wahh...it's one a.m. and I am dead tire o.o Thank you can of coffee!! It allowed me to stretch my limit on staying awake XD Haven't stay up till 1 a.m. to do hw for a while now oO,,

Anywayz, really random but read these comics! So cute and funny LOL Well for me it was XD Now I have a reason to steal the LA Times each day; for the Calendar section; for the comics; for Pearl Before Swine! XD

The one below is....MY FAVORITE SO FAR!!

lol sorry, I HAVE to flood your friend's page with that XD

Anywayz, me very tire. Will seek temporary -and very ephemeral- rest in sleeping.

I had something to say but my brain is too dead to think/remember so yeah...nitez.

Congrats to all those who finished their Finals in college! XD Now you can enjoy a brief break; make it worth the wait! Live it to the fullest of your abilities! XD


Hahah, yay for drawing! XD

My latest pride and joy! XD

click to find outCollapse )

I drew that last night, around 12ish a.m. to 1:43 a.m. in the morning XD Ann stayed over and instead of going to sleep when I was really sleepy and tire, I suddenly had an urge to do some work and try drawing again. I noticed for a while now that I draw better at night, and at times best when I'm a bit sleepy. So, after doing my weekly vocab for English, I started drawing XD

Does that pose looks familiar? XD I modeled it after my icon of Shikamaru, hence:

secondary click I suppose...Collapse )

lol XD I turned Shikamaru into a GIRL XD AHAHAHAAHAH.

Ok, so her eyes and hands aren't that great. It's actually a bit off but doesn't matter, I'm really happy with the final result. Plus, the hands look just about right! I can never draw hand so having been able to get that out of nothingness is a GREAT accomplishment XD Man I was, and still am, so happy about this picture XD

I haven't draw a lot lately and being able to still produce some sort of drawing that looks 'right' and human like is GREAT XD Even if it's anime-ish XD

I drew it pretty big too, which gives more importance to its existence because whenever I tried to draw something big, it comes out pretty bad but this looks about good XD It's half a page I tell yah!

Ok, one done thing. I just had to record it down in my journal cuz I'm so happy and proud of it XD Forgive me kudasai X þ

Next! After drawing that, I added some more stuff on the picture that was suppose to be for oniichan on Christmas. I wasn't able to finished it but I decided to just draw on it and whatever would come out would be it. Well, unlike the previous accomplishment, this is nothing lol But! It does have a good thing because I drew it really quickly. I've been wanting to learn how to draw the basics first, like sketch it out and then finalize it. Before, as I draw, I finalize every stroke so it took forever. I remember spending one whole hour on an eye in middle school, but that was when I wanted the eyes to looks exactly like that of a computer (anime) eye so yeah.

So here it is, this small acomplishment! XD

more drawings XDCollapse )

That girl was drawn in around 10-15 minutes. While it may be really slow, I am but an amateur and that itself, 10 minutes is REALLY fast for me o.o But yeah, I was happy about that =] Yay for time deduction! XD

There yah go. All recorded down =D Now, just to flood everyone's friend page, I shall post more pictures! UNCUT! AHAHAH! lol I'm joking. Kinda...

pinkish roseCollapse )

That latter one is currently my desktop wallpaper. It looks cool XD I've been changing my wallpaper really often these days, with flowers too. I might make this into a habit if I keep this up o.o If you want the actual size of these pictures, IM me on AIM and I'll gladly send it XD I took these in my school's garden, which, trust me, is not that great. It just has a flower bed of roses, a small one, but they were in blown and I wanted pictures. I actually wanted to take picture of these purple rose buds but when I brought my camera, it had all bloomed so I didn't get my bud ;_; Here there are:

purple is the nameCollapse )

There were three buds, but some bastard in school put GUM in the third one, so I had to cut the picture off >_< I tried getting the gum out but it didn't work = =,, It got stuck to the petals... sigh...bakayarou...

Here's a bud Collapse )

And here's the rest of the roses, that I uploaded XD

rosesCollapse )

Anywayz, enough picture posting o.o This is tiring, considering how I have to resize them at photobucket cuz they're huge = =,, So much clicking! >_<

So there you go. Pictures and all =D I should get to my math hw now o.o Latez XD And YAY! For drawings! XD


More sad news...

...Those who does not go to Animenewsnetwork because they have a life, I must sadly inform you that Adult Swim will be airing Bleach this Fall. Yes, Fall 2006. Well ladies and germs, here comes to depressive stage of dubbing.

Quiet horrible.

They'll be airing Euraka 7 on April 15 as well. Well...I was actually interested in this series. So I'll check that out too. Sigh...



Horrible News T.T


Well, I mean I expected that but geez, that sucks, another series gets slaughter by horrible dubs = =,, Naruto was really bad, now this...wooot! -not

Ah well, I like the manga more to some extent anywayz, and it's alreayd licensed so its ok! ;_; But the tears T-T Poor Bleachy...tis ok! T-T My Hitsugaya will be destroy... T-T

Touche dear Bleachy... T-T